iARCH people

iARCH has developed strong associations with world-class local and international specialists in all aspects of building design and property development, routinely bringing significant added value to clients through effective collaborations. 

iARCH People include Architect and Property Developer Peter Wislocki, Project Directors Rafal Depowski, Mirosław Leśnik and Tony Keller, and Senior Architect Pawel Kłopotowski.
  • Peter Wislocki, Managing Director

    Founder and Director of iARCH Peter Wislocki is a bilingual architect and property development professional who is duo-located in the South of England and Poland.

    Peter has played a pivotal role in bringing hundreds of UK and international development, planning and architectural projects to a profitable - and on many occasions award-winning - conclusion during his professional career that spans over 30 years.

    Having studied at Cambridge University, Peter holds an MSc in Construction Economics and Management and is a recognised expert in his field as a practitioner, an academic and media commentator, a Design Review panellist for CABE, and a member of the Visiting Board of RIBA.

  • Rafał Depowski, Project Director


    Rafał Depowski has extensive experience in the design of office buildings and work-place interiors, having been responsible for projects for Quinlan Golub, Allcon, BGKBank, ABN Amro, HSBC and ING. He has also led design teams on a number of retailand leisure projects, for clients including Avon, Coffee Heaven, La Plateforme, Confo-rama, Silver Screen and Catalyst Capital, and industrial projects for Ghelamco and Es-silor. iARCH projects of note have included Accenture, CBRE and RBS.

    Rafał studied architecture, urbanism and spatial planning at the Warsaw Institute ofTechnology, and has been a registered architect since 2002. He demonstrates a sin-cere interest in his clients, successfully balancing professional integrity with personalcharm. of RIBA.

  • Mirosław Leśnik, Project Director


    Mirosław Leśnik’s is a registered architect and a registered interior designer, withexperience that spans the office, retail, residential, leisure and industrial sectors. Hehas been responsible for projects commissioned by property developers and assetmanagers, schools and universities, transport operators, religious organisations, and awide range of corporate and private end users. Since January 2014

    Mirosław has collaborated with iARCH as one of the firm’s key Warsaw-based seniorstaff.Miroslaw was recognised by the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs with a Secondary State Award for outstanding achievements in architecture in 1999, and awardedthe Medal of Honour by the Faculty of Management of Warsaw University in 2002and 2010. In his architectural practice he combines in-depth technical expertise withexcellent creative design and presentation skills, with the perfect balance of techni-cal, management and design. Mirosław studied architecture at Gdańsk Technical Uni-versity and Odessa Technical University, obtaining his Diploma (with Distinction) in1978, and speaks Polish, English and Russian fluently.

  • Tony Keller, Project Director


    Tony Keller is a Technical Director of iArch, primarily responsible for the delivery ofdesign and technical services for residential, commercial and mixed use develop-ments throughout the UK. Tony’s clients are wide-ranging, from commercial develo-pers to private clients looking to develop their homes. He has also designed and pro-ject managed nursing home and family centre projects for NCH Action for Children,undertaken design and technical consultancy services for Hastoe Housing Associa-tion, and has been responsible for the design and project management of commercialand domestic projects including high rise office buildings, shopping centres and ho-using developments.

    Tony is a member of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists and chairof the Central region chapter. He enjoys being involved in community projects, is thefounder of the Fenny Poppers festival and chairs the Tecton Art Gallery committee.

  • Pawel Kłopotowski, Senior Architect


    Paweł Kłopotowski has worked as a Senior Architect with iARCH since 2014. Hisexperience spans the design of a number of significant public buildings as well as se-veral commercial projects and office interiors for, amongst others Nestle, BXR Part-ners, Dalkia, Veolia, Swedecenter. Paweł has been responsible for numerous residen-tial projects, several large residential developments and numerous houses for indivi-dual clients. With iARCH, Paweł has gained expertise in the UK market, havingworked on a number of residential, commercial and leisure projects in England.

    Pawel graduated from Warsaw Technical University in 2007. He has excellent designand presentation skills, using the latest 3D modelling and BIM software in all his pro-jects. He has developed unique CAD management systems and standards for iARCHand his previous employers.