QPG Wilanów
Quinlan Private Golub

Peter Wislocki’s team were appointed by Quinlan Private Golub (later Avestus) to design a major low-rise residential development in Powsiń, on the southern outskirts of Warsaw. The design concept was constrained by an existing highways masterplan, whose pattern of primary and secondary estate roads and plot divisions could not be altered.

Architectural solutions that deliver

Peter’s i nternational design team, combining architects in London and Warsaw, overlaid a hierarchy of private, semi-private and public spaces, breaking down the lengthy and potentially monotonous estate roads into clusters of inviting, humanly-scaled places, giving each house a clear identity within the larger masterplan. The design of the individual houses was contemporary, yet respected the market’s preference for traditional building forms, ensuring the development’s commercial appeal.


Architectural and urban design concept completed in 2007.


Peter Wislocki was the director of the design team at RMJM.